Red Willow Community Church

15 Corriveau Ave. St. Albert, AB (Part of the SDA Family)
Red Willow Community Church
An Adventist Congregation

Through the power of God, Red Willow Community Church will make a lasting difference in your life, in our community, and in the world. We do that by leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

The above is our mission and calling from God. We are a community that seeks to love one another with radical inclusivity through tangible acts of compassion, mercy, worship, forgiveness, and grace. This is the ongoing journey of every faith community that identifies with the name of Jesus. Ours is no different, however, we believe that we are called to this particular location, at this particular time, in order to learn to love those we call our neighbors and friends in this area. A few things you should know about our worship time together:
  1. Dress however you want. Some will come in ties, some in jeans. Either way is great.
  2. The music can get LOUD. We don't apologize for the enthusiasm of our praise. However, if you find that it is a bit loud, we can provide earplugs so that you can enjoy with a bit fewer decibels.
  3. Above all else, enjoy the services, the kids programs, the refreshments, and the community. We are so glad to have you with us!